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On-time delivery and good customer service are the standout reasons for the good score. Also, it is nice to have the option provided for expediting projects.

Mechanical Designer ~ Walt Disney World - Orlando, Florida 5

I was very happy with the parts I received from your sheet metal team. The finish of the aluminum was the nicest I've seen.

Senior Mechanical Designer ~ Design Firm - Tampa, Florida 5

On-time delivery and good customer service are the standout reasons for the good score. Also, it is nice to have the option provided for expediting projects. The only reason the score is not a 10 is because the price usually comes in a bit a high.

Mechanical Designer ~ Walt Disney World - Orlando, Florida 5

We received the package of sheetmetal parts today and they look great. Thanks for everything!

Mechanical Engineer ~ Walt Disney World Design & Engineering 5

We care very happy with the results. I will probably be putting the order in by the end of the month. I love the quality and doing business with you and your Rapid Group. We are also happy with the results on the wire harness.

Sr. Mechanical Engineer ~ Marine Refrigeration Company 5

We just received the first package. The parts are awesome! It is so much enjoyable to touch them and see how perfectly they are matching each other! No comparison with our MakerBot! Thank you for your work and now we are eager to see the painted parts :)

Engineering Director ~ Small Electronics Company 5

The pieces we ordered arrived last week arrived Thursday and they look great! Your machining team always does a great job and we appreciate the work you all do.

Mechanical Engineer ~ RINI Technologies 5

Thank you, Excellent job. We received the SLA parts. They are perfect!!!

~ Mechanical Engineering Design Shop, Canada 5

First, I want to thank you and the "Rapid Team" for the outstanding (magnificent) fabrication job you did in our machined-welded enclosure. It's my understanding that we were charged a strong number for these two (2) enclosures. Initially some at our team thought that the prices were high, but then we recently received a quotation from a different vendor that was 25% higher for each. So, thanks again for a magnificent fabrication effort at a really great price.

~ Senior Mechanical Designer, Military Electronics Company 5

We received the machined parts…..The machining was great! Nice job! Delivery time great! I will be sending the others for quote as soon as I get them ready. Thanks. You're the man.

~ Ed T, Medical Manufacturer 5

Thank you for the quick turn on the Polyjet parts! We are very pleased and they have already helped us decide on some improvements. I have a few questions that I hope you can help with. I will be sending out a revised model for quote this week.

~ Fiberoptics Manufacturing Company 5

I received the DMLS prototyped parts a day or so back – most excellent work! I'm highly impressed by the way they came in. The finishing process looks great, and the underlying metal surface (that hasn't been extensively finished in areas that are impossible to buff or polish) actually looks much better than the majority of raw sintered metal I've seen before. I really appreciate the work, and I will definitely be in contact in the future.

~ Sr. Project Engineer, Medical Implants company 5

In a very competitive market manufacturers have found this new technology accurate for fine featured parts, accurate vs. traditional processes and timely in its ability to allow them to test fire new products in record time. In fact, MORE and MORE manufacturers are utilizing our process for fabricating and test firing new parts in product development: "I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the DMLS model you made for our new 9MM. We were utilizing nickel-plated SLA to test fire but needed something more robust. The DMLS model you fabricated for us was not only accurate dimensionally but we are test firing with great success. In fact, They have fired over 4000 rounds thru a DMLS lower "prototype".

~ Diamondback Firearms 5

Great news, we got everything last week and it all went together great. Fired our first shots and everything. Thanks again for your help. The other engineers here were impressed and are itching to get some of their DMLS stuff made too. I will have revisions of some of these parts here soon and hopefully you'll be able to quote them for me.

~ Major National Armament Manufacturer5

I'm not the only one who appreciates your service; The Program Manager for the job these parts are used on thinks you guys offer tremendous customer service. Thanks, again, to you and your team!

~ Lead Buyer/Military Military Sub-Contractor, Orlando FL5

Great news, we got everything last week and it all went together great. Fired our first shots and everything. Thanks again for your help. The other engineers here were impressed and are itching to get some of their DMLS stuff made too. I will have revisions of some of these parts here soon and hopefully you'll be able to quote them for me.

~ Major National Armament Manufacturer5

The parts look great. We've assembled them and are in the process of making some design changes. Your SLA quality is very fine and is just what we needed. We will hopefully ordering more as soon as we finalize the model.

~ Sean Jarrett, New Wave Surgical5

Thanks very much for the parts sent last week. The quality was good and the order was received in good time.

~ Chris NELSON, Product Engineer, BIC Advertising & Promotional Products 5

Thanks Dana & Charlie for taking care of this.
As always, the parts are perfect!

~ Stephen King, Research and Development, MSi SSL 5

I wanted to start by thanking you for all your help with our housing and the material selection. The 50 pieces we received were excellent and the color tinting was perfect. Really appreciate it.


~ Kyle Smyth, Harris Corporation 5

We have witnessed a Christmas miracle... A vendor that ships orders EARLY!! Wow - you guys are amazing - sincere thanks!! :)


~ Noël Downey, Project Materials Manager, Sun Nuclear Corporation 5

Thanks very much for the help with the last set of models you made for me. I got them when I was in DongGuan China and I was blown away by the detail! I've been ordering sla models since '98 and none of them have been that good.


~ Ryan Eddington, BicWorld 5

I wanted to thank you and your Fast-Track Machining team for their excellent work and customer service. I've been very happy with the parts and have already had the opportunity to functionally evaluate the design at a time when we would normally still be in the drawing refinement stage. In fact, we've already come up with some tweaks to the design for improvement.

I would like for Fast-Track Machining to quote those updated parts as well as a set of new parts. To whom should I direct the CAD models, drawings, and requirements?


~ Eric Hunt 5

Just got a chance to look over the new DMLS parts, very impressive! Nice work should always be recognized as such. We were blown away. Thanks for a great job.

~ Mike Schmidt, Designer Services 5

I just received the parts this morning. Thank you for your timely responses and for level of support you guys provide us. I must say that we are extremely happy with the relationship and products we receive from Your Fast-Track / Short-Run sheet metal program. I am glad we have a vendor who is as responsive and as detail oriented as you guys. You are definitely at the top of our list when it comes down to sheet metal work and other prototype programs. Keep up the good work!

~ Santiago Bresani, Mechanical Engineer, EnerFuel Inc. 5

Hey Charlie, I just wanted to say thanks again for jumping right on trying to help us out yesterday with getting overnight plastic prototypes. Sorry it was a false start, but we did, in fact, get the injected parts this morning, and made our shipment for Monday delivery to our customer. Your service is outstanding in this industry, Charlie. Two thumbs up. We will work with 3Axis Development more as we proceed!

~ John Voelkel, Vice President, Recall Technologies 5

Charles, got the SLA models in yesterday, just like you promised. Quality is spot on. Great Job 3Axis Development.

~ Dean Cody Williams, Chief Operating Officer, TOG USA 5

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know we got the machined chassis you turned around quickly for us. It looks great. I sent it off to the platers yesterday and we should be assembling parts in it later today. Thanks for the quick turn and great service. I look forward to doing more business with 3Axis Development in the near future.

~ Joe Reina, Design/Documentation Manager, Tampa Microwave 5

We received the CoCr parts, and they came out AWESOME! 3Axis Development did a really, really nice job! Machined parts would not have looked any better.

Many thanks to all involved!

~ Tom Norman, VP Engineering, Skeletal Dynamics 5

We just received the first article of the cast urethane parts your team did for us. I was extremely happy with the outcome. They did a very good job and delivered on time. I think I should have some more stuff to send their way in the near future. Thank you for the help 3Axis Development,

~ Mark Dees, eMDee Technology, Inc. 5

I just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how pleased we are with the performance and product quality from you and your teams. I have personally been involved with Rapid Prototyping for over 10 years, and have rarely seen the commitment to a customer's needs as I have with your team of dedicated professionals. There are 3 things I look for in a Rapid Prototype partner: quality, lead times, and cost. You and your team have met and often exceeded my expectations on all 3 points on every project we have worked with you on. I used to send project RFQ's around to several Prototyping Services in an effort to find the best balance of these 3 requirements. That is no longer the case. Because you and your team have demonstrated such superior levels on reliability and service, I can spend more time focusing on design work, and less time shopping around for Prototypes. I look forward to working with 3Axis Development on our next project.

~ Matt McKendrick, Senior Engineer, Prezine, LLC 5
I received the SLAs today and I have to say, Wow! I never knew SLAs could be so accurate and look so good. 3Axis Development did a great job. Thanks. ~ Justin Aiello, President, Aiello Design, Inc 5

I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your support in the development of my product.  When I think back on the first time we met and my explanation of the PaintSmart-Trayz, you embraced the project as if it was your own.  You asked me questions I had not thought of, and before you ever told me what it would cost, you were offering me advice on the marketing of my product.  You presented me with a road map to follow.

From the very beginning you put together a team that worked diligently to make sure my vision was going to become a reality.  The design phase let to the prototype which gave me my first physical view of my product.  You then told me I could make it to the National Hardware Show in 2007 with my prototypes (RTV urethane castings).  You called them “fabulous fakes” but they actually created tremendous excitement in my booth with buyers from many companies.  I was able to gather impressions and suggestions from the buyers and incorporate them into my first round of production tools. It saved me from the very costly mistake of making molds for products that no one would have bought.

I originally wasn’t sure about returning to the National Hardware Show in 2008.  You explained the importance of my returning to show the industry our changes and to continue the efforts of public awareness of such a new idea.  When we were awarded the 2008 Retailers Choice Award at the National Hardware Show, you were there again to cheer me on and to keep me focused on my goal.

All along you gave me advice and insight at no additional cost.  You went above and beyond to insure my continued growth and success.  Your dedication, professionalism and honesty are what have made 3Axis Development such a valuable asset to my company. Your insight about the industry has been invaluable.   We’re out there selling every day because of this partnership and look forward to your participation in our future products.

~ Carolyn Keane, President, Keane Corp - www.PaintSmart-Trayz.com 5

I would like to take the time to extend my appreciation in all your support over the many years that you & I have been working together. The services that 3Axis Development has provided me over these many years has proven to be a very valuable resource in achieving some of the many challenges that I have been presented with. To mention a couple of these valuable resources would include Fast Track Sheet Metal and Acu-Cast. The services that Fast Track Metal and Acu-Cast provide have made my life easier in the development phase of many projects. To name a few:

  • The ability to read many different file types.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Quick turn around.
  • Most importantly the excellent workmanship (esthetics and accuracy).

As time goes on I look forward in the new products and services that you will have to offer for I know that you are always out there staying on top of leading edge of rapid prototyping.

In closing I would just like to let you know that whenever I have the opportunity to do so, I speak highly of and recommend the use of 3Axis and the services that you have to offer.

~ Dwayne Tobin, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Source Technologies Inc. 5

I’d like to thank you for the introduction to SLArmor technology. This amazing process allows us to create parts which are impossible to machine and prohibitively expensive to mold. No mold drawing required; only an IGES file. It’s so simple. So long as the final application doesn’t require an electrical insulating material, this process is extremely effective and usable for production, and at a very reasonable cost. Thanks again 3Axis Development!

~ Jonathan Heil, Dept. Manager, Surgical Optics/Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc. 5

Now that things have settled down a little from the 2009 CES Show I wanted to send you this note of appreciation. It's hard to believe that the iCap made its national debut this year.

When I was introduced to 3Axis Development and we met about the product you understood my concept and what I was trying to achieve. We didn't always agree on how to get there but you explained to me the right steps to get my product from my head into a computer design and on through to a working prototype.

You had the knowledgeable engineers and prototypers, and even took me to the final manufacturing team in China. We shipped them the SLA models and data and you were able to work with their U.S. Team to coordinate the final electronics development so that the iCap met my expectations for the product.

After 5 years of effort your clarity helped me to get a working unit to market in 1 year. Thanks again for your help and support with my project.

~ Jeffrey Gesten, Managing Member, Gesten Technologies LLC 5

We received the parts from the last two POs that we issued last week more than a week ahead of schedule. Both the execution and the timing are perfect. We really appreciate 3Axis Development’s vendor team for their excellent quality and their rapid response.

I wish to thank you and your associates for an excellent job (as usual)!

~ Ron Diego, Egret Technologies, Inc. 5

In high tech product and system development industries, it is easy to overlook the job of the salesperson. Engineers require solutions to complex technical challenges while under major cost and schedule pressure. Dealing with sales persons can often be a trying experience for the impatient engineer "under the gun."

Enter Charlie Koch of 3Axis Development. Charlie had the insight to see the great potential in rapid prototyping as a key value-added technology area to high tech industry. Charlie found the most promising and value-added technologies, resources, and companies to pull under his umbrella that add real technical, cost, and schedule saving potential to any technical project Charlie's strong understanding of rapid prototyping technologies give him the ability to recommend particular solutions based on a project's immediate needs.

Charlie Koch and 3-Axis Development have proven to be a value-added resource to high tech programs on which I have worked. I highly recommend Charlie Koch and 3-Axis Development as a resource in the Rapid Prototyping arena.

~Bill Losapio 5

Charlie has a strong passion for his business and it shows with his strong desire to educate people on the 'best practices' in prototyping of plastic components. He always looks for the best value first, in attempt to help launch a prospect's ideas into a tangible product. Charlie, of 3Axis Development, will do what it takes to fit the 'right process' with the 'right budget' and his network of manufacturers are leaders in their specialty offerings.

~ Blaine Priebe, Ashland Inc. 5

I've worked with Charles Koch of 3Axis Development for over ten years now and find him, not only fun to work with but he also has a thirst for new technologies and innovation in the rapid prototyping market. It seems that each time I talk to him he has just discovered a new material or process that will help his customers get their products to market faster. Charles is a highly professional individual that knows the RP market as well as anyone. I highly recommend him.

~ Dennis Kuykendall, Senior Project Engineer, TTi Corporation 5